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I was born and I’m living in Tuscany. Probably my inspiration to be what I am is based on this suggestive landscapes and architecture, or in something else, hidden in my bones. It was me, little kid, watching in my dad’s camera. I was smiling, crying, growing up and every single moment was impressed on an everlasting film. Several years later my mum showed that old pictures to my girlfriend. Honestly? I felt ashame –“C’mon mum! Take them out!”- but suddenly I was proud at the same time. Proud to be important for my women.
My girlfriend was holding photos of my personal history, memories of my existence, shapes of my human experience. For my mum, in those pictures, there were parts of her son, pieces of her best creation.
A picture reminds you everyone can be the main actor and the closest spectator of his own lifeShow. Every photo is an immortal history you can tell to yourself or to the others.
With a camera you can catch the world across a simple lens, you can capture the wonderful shining inside things, you can freeze the time, your feelings, a real smile of an interesting stranger.
Being a photographer is being a testify of a contemporary, unique, moment you don’t wanna forget, you don’t wanna loose. My camera are my eyes: I used both to record what I’m living. People, places and roads are impressed on my mind as on my films. So, I turned my passion in a proper job.

My name’s is Marco Tani and I’m a professional Wedding Photographer.

I love many things – New York, the sun of Spain, noir novels, the NBA, the Sea, the Renaissance, Jules Verne and obviously, the Music – but what I love most are all stories I write and send to the future doing my job.

Usually I work with another professional photographer, Enrico Belli. Not only a colleague; he’s a friend, a brother and the first person i let review my work cause i blindly trust him.




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