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FAQ – Frequently asked question

  • What is your photography style?
    The contamination has always been part of my nature, so  I’m not a purist and for sure I’m not a glamour photographer. I try to achieve at least two clear goals: bride and groom must not feel to be in a fiction and deliver images that can be memories of the moments more authentic or unexpected of your wedding.
  • What is Post Production?
    I develop all the images that I will deliver. Post-production is an essential part of photography, just as important as shooting. I do not adjust only lights and shadows, but I want to make it personal and creative even this stage. However, I’m not talking about photo editing, such as removing skin blemishes or streamline because I believe that the reality, with its strengths and weaknesses, has much to tell and excite than the fiction. So if we do not agree on this point, probably you are looking for a fashion photographer.
  • Do you take photos with friends and family?
    Although you will not find this kind of photo in the website does not mean that I don’t shoot them. However, if you cared these shots you will have to tell me first and then help me to organize the various groups. Otherwise, I tend to not do them.
  • How much are important the locations for the photos?
    Very important but not essential. Surely dark places and with little space do not facilitate the achievement of the perfect shot, but certainly this factor will not affect my commitment.
  • Why my cousin isn’t in the pictures that you have delivered to me?
    My style requires to focus on the action, so it is impossible to make a photographic census of the entire population present. So, to avoid not having pictures of your cousin, I invite you to tell me the people that you need to have a memory in the shots that I deliver you.
  • Do you work alone or with a team?
    I always work with another professional photographer, Enrico Belli. My package included the presence of two photographers for all the day so we can cover and to tell better what happens during the day.
  • How much does it costs a wedding with you?
    Send me a mail or call me, then explain me all you want to do. Then I can give you an estimate. However my starting price is 1000,00 €
  • Do you have special requests?
    I have no special requests unless consider human sustainability.  Weddings are special days and particularly long, so I will need to stop a few minutes for “recharge my batteries”; I don’t ask to take part in lunch or in dinner with your guests and with all the dishes, but I only need a small table on the sidelines with something to eat and a glass of wine.
  • Are you available for weddings abroad?
    Yes I am
    , without a doubt. My passion for travel, the curiosity to learn about situations, uses and different faces allow you to remove any obstacles in front of this kind of request.
  • Do you have time limit for your performance?
    Theoretically no, because I dedicate you from 10 to 12 hours, so I suppose to be able to cover the event entirely.
  • How many pictures do you consign?
    Usually, I consign from 400 to 600 photos all postproduced, in high-resolution, in digital format.
  • How long we have to wait for consign?
    On average, I consign the shots on digital format within 6 weeks, however unexpected or sudden workloads can be prolonging the wait up to 8 weeks.
  • Do you create and consign albums?
    I think that the photo book is best suited to my style of photography and reportage in general than the traditional album. To get an idea of ​​what we are talking you can begin to have a look HERE, or come to visit me in my studio.
  • How do we book with you?
    You can take an appointment by email or phone that you will find on the contact page and after a chat over a coffee will decide whether to sign the contract certifying my engagement. In addition I will ask you to pay a 25% deposit as a commitment. For foreign clients I handle the entire procedure via email.
  • Do you realize wedding videos?
    I’m not personally care this aspect but I could recommend you some pressional videomaker with whom I work constantly. I always recommend these people because the harmony in this type of services is essential, it allows us to focus just on shooting and not on technical or logistical aspects of secondary importance with risk to lose unrepeatable moments.